ZevenOS: A twist on Xubuntu

November 15, 2009

I got bored, downloaded and ran the ZevenOS 2.0 live CD. this was the first time in long time I thought a distro was pretty ‘cool’.

Some highlights: an Xubuntu 9.10 knockoff, however,

uses sawfish window manager in place of xfwm
BeOS’d throughout themewise
comes with Wbar preconfigured and ready to edit. (my fav bar)
seems to have their own settings panel, and a link to standard Xfce settings panel.
Once anitialiasing is turned on…not OTB, the desktop looks good.
my vostro volume keys MM keys worked OTB…Xubuntu 9.04 didn’t, but……

what I didn’t like about it:
only comes in 32 bit…I think, couldn’t find an x64 torrent. this wouldn’t stop me from installing it on this Vostro. A couple of right click items where still in german, but I don’t know how a HD install does. Everything else incl all menus were in English.

Anyway….kinda cool…I kept the DVD this time and didn’t add it to my drink coaster pile.