HowTo: Using Drop Box in Xubuntu

[IN PROGRESS…I haven’t been able to get this to work yet]

Started working with a new Dell Vostro 1220 laptop, so I decided to install Xubuntu. Keeping my work files in sync is a high priority. Dropbox is designed to work along with Nautilus which is the default file manager in GNOME…and the default window manager in Ubuntu. But not Xubuntu which uses Thunar as it’s file manager.

By following the instructions below you can get Dropbox to work side-by-side with Xfce and Thunar. We will basically just be starting a no-frills instance of Nautilus which causes Dropbox to start. The explanation will mostly be relevant to Ubuntu/Xubuntu users, but can simply be modified to other distros.

Nautilus file manager
Dropbox for Linux
Xfce (4.4+ works best)

Install dropbox from source, or using the packages provided on the Dropbox site.
Type the following into the terminal:

nautilus --no-desktop --browser

This will start Dropbox, and the icon should appear in your system tray.
Log in, or sign up with a new account.
Now, in order to have Dropbox running every time you use Xfce, you need it to autostart. Just go to:
Menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Autostarted apps -> Add
and add the following


And that’s it! Dropbox should work normally now, synching your files perfectly.


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