Kubuntu 9.04 Beta. Stable and Fast

I find the Beta pretty darn stable for a first Beta. I’m looking forward to the final release. Here is my current desktop:

Kubuntu 9.04 Beta, customized Desktop

Kubuntu 9.04 Beta, customized Desktop


5 Responses to Kubuntu 9.04 Beta. Stable and Fast

  1. muddamy says:

    hi mate.. i’ve just install kubuntu 9.04 in ASUS v8fr. But, the problems now is the wireless cannot find any signal. Do u have any idea? 😀

    • John says:

      did you go to ‘restricted drivers’ and see that the firmware is installed 🙂 That Asus should be picked right on up during install though…don’t get that….is the card turned off somehow? Find the problem yet?

  2. f4ding says:

    Do you not want to try Fedora Core or OpenSuse John?

    • John says:

      Hi there F4ding….those are both fine distro’s….I’ve tried them all at one point or another…SUSE I don’t like the configuration dialogues much, Fedora I need to give another spin with 11 🙂 I’m currently sticking with Slackware on this DELL Precision m4400…only it and a ‘buntu run reliably on it…it’s quarky with hardware detection re Xorg.

      • f4ding says:

        So it’s mainly about hardware support so far? I see why you chose Slack and ‘buntu. How about system responsiveness? I guess that’s the reason I was asking about OpenSUSE and Fedora Core. I’ve tried ‘buntu, Mint, MEPIS, Arch, Fedora Core, OpenSUSE, and maybe one or two more distro. I found that all the Debian based is not as responsive on my Dell D620 (Intel GMA950 graphics). Fedora was good initially but an update messed everything up. OpenSUSE wasn’t getting the resolution right, but it’s the most responsive together with Arch. I don’t remember why I dumped Arch and went back to Vista (which has been very responsive with SP2 and SSD drive).

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