Blackberry Users: Write to RIM Support re: Ubuntu/Linux

Here is some verbage that elicited a positive response from RIM Blackberry Support.  I suggest you do the same if we want Linux support from RIM.  Send to :

To whom it may concern,

I was disappointed upon searching the Blackberry website that no support for Blackberry desktop software is available for Linux-based operating systems. There are third party projects , however RIM supported development could quickly improve support on Linux desktops and please many of your customers. As an excellent alternative to the Windows Mobile platform, the Linux community would love to embrace Blackberry devices if even limited support could be offered for Linux.

John Outlan, recent Blackberry owner
Kubuntu Linux 8.04


One Response to Blackberry Users: Write to RIM Support re: Ubuntu/Linux

  1. Giovanni L. says:

    Hello Mr. The Zoid,

    i’m Giovanni from Italy, i tried many times to run Ubuntu on my Asus C90s , but i had many hardware’s problems , first for it couldn’t recognise the wireless network adapter.

    I’ve read in your blog that you use UBUNTU on Asus c90, please can i ask you if you had troubles installing it and making it work properly?

    if not can you teach me how to do that if possible?

    Many thanks for attention.


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