Sync your Blackberry with Evolution OTA (Over the Air)

Add this repository on the following site to your /etc/apt/sources.list.  Then install syncevolution via Synaptic Package manager.  The plugin won’t show up in evolution though. There is a guide to getting it set up at follow that and it will set it up so you can sync via the command line.

Once you’ve edited all the files as it says on that website, you should be able to sync from the command line. If you’re using scheduleworld the command will probably be “syncevolution scheduleworld” to sync all types both ways.

To make it easier for myself I created an application launcher (right click on the panel, click on add to panel, then select custom application launcher. This will open a new box and you should change the ‘type’ to ‘application in terminal’. I put in the command syncevolution scheduleworld. You just need to click on this icon on your panel to do a full normal sync.

I have found this is the most reliable way to keep your Blackberry in Sync with Evolution.  If you have trouble, please post here and I’ll see if I can help.

I click the icon on the panel (with two arrows) to sync. If you have a nicer icon, post it on up!:

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2 Responses to Sync your Blackberry with Evolution OTA (Over the Air)

  1. Mark Swanson says:

    I do not believe that the dupes were caused by Thunderbird (with the ScheduleWorld add-on syncSW). I believe they were caused because you were triggering bugs in the old SyncML client. Thunderbird and Evolution should both sync perfectly. They are really well tested and there are no known bugs.
    Of course, if you find one please post to the ScheduleWorld forums or email


  2. John says:

    Mark, I’ve removed the reference to the Thunderbird SW extension based on what you said…I’ll talk to you about that on the forum. You were right about the BB funambol client…I’m going back to the SW Edition.

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